Anyone who tries to eat as healthy as possible knows that natural food stores remain one of the best solutions to finding great products. Natural food items are minimally processed and do not contain food additives.

The following products that you can easily find in natural food stores are additives-free and do not contain preservatives, chemicals or trans fats. It’s time to replace supermarket-bought food with a healthier choice. Of course, they are more expensive than processed foods, but so are medical bills.

natural foods

Bread, Pancakes, Waffles, Snacks, Chips, Pretzels, Rice Cakes

  1. Ezekiel Bread
  2. Joseph’s Pita
  3. Food for Life bread
  4. Whole Foods buns
  5. Natural Ovens buns
  6. Flour tortillas
  7. Pacific Bakery organic bread
  8. Dumpftmeier Dark Rye Bread
  9. Manna Bread
  10. Chebe bread products
  11. Boudin Sourdough
  12. Food for Life Almond Bread
  13. Van’s Toaster waffles
  14. Trader Joes pancake and waffle mixes
  15. Waffle Heaven waffles
  16. Bearitos Corn Chips
  17. Garden of Eatin’ corn chips
  18. Whole Foods organic corn chips
  19. Vic’s Popping Corn
  20. Cool Fruits Pumpkorn
  21. Organic corn tortillas
  22. Bearitos Popping and Popped Corn
  23. Michael Season’s Chips
  24. Guiltless Gourmet Chips
  25. Ray’s Taro Chips
  26. Fall River Wild Rice Chips
  27. Terra Chips
  28. Plocky’s Hummus chips
  29. Trader Joes Hawaiian Style potato chips
  30. Whole Foods Soy Chips
  31. Barbara’s Whole Wheat Pretzels
  32. Oat Bran Pretzels
  33. Newman’s Own Organic Pretzels
  34. Whole Foods organic pretzels
  35. Natural GH Foods Pretzels
  36. Krispy Rice Cakes
  37. Eden Brown Rice Chips
  38. Chico San Rice Cakes


organic pasta

  1. Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta
  2. Edward & Son Oat Bran Pasta
  3. Italian Semolina Pasta
  4. Thai Kitchen Rice Noodles
  5. Papadini Lentil Pasta
  6. China Bowl Rice Sticks
  7. Food for life 100% Rice Elbow Pasta
  8. Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta
  9. Annie’s Naturals pasta

Side Dishes

  1. Arrowhead Mills brown rice
  2. Po River Valley Risotto
  3. Texmati rice
  4. Lundberg Rice
  5. Country Choice Certified organic oats
  6. Ancient Harvest Quinoa
  7. AltiPlano Gold Instant Hot Quinoa Cereal
  8. Erewhon oatmeal
  9. Mother’s Quick-Cooking barley
  10. Lundberg Elegant Rice Pudding


  1. Natural Ovens of Manitowoc muffins and cookies
  2. Pamela’s cookies
  3. Hain graham crackers
  4. Streit’s Coconut Macaroons
  5. Whole Foods brand cookies
  6. Glutano chocolate cookies
  7. Glutano chocolate chip biscuits
  8. Paul Newman’s organic cookies
  9. Glutano hazelnut bar
  10. Nature’s Choice Real Fruit Bars
  11. Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits “Fruit Cup”
  12. Cherry Hill Organic Applesauce
  13. Sensible Foods fruit snacks
  14. Trader Joes dehydrated fruits
  15. Imagine Foods puddings
  16. Harvest Direct instant soy pudding

Frozen Confections

  1. Rice Dream Nondairy Dessert
  2. Nutty Rice Dream Bar
  3. It’s Soy Delicious non-dairy ice cream
  4. LaLoo’s goat’s milk ice cream
  5. Tofutti Light

Dairy Products

organic dairy products

  1. Organic Valley
  2. Cascadian Farms
  3. Great Value Organic
  4. Oberweis
  5. Horizon
  6. Stoneyfield Farms nonfat yogurt
  7. Fage Greek Yogurt 2%
  8. Lifeway Kefir
  9. West Soy Plus
  10. Whole Foods soymilk
  11. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze
  12. White Wave Dairyless Yogurt
  13. Amazake Rice Nog
  14. Lifeway Farmer’s Cheese
  15. Applegate Farms cheese slices
  16. Organic Valley cheeses
  17. Above and Beyond cream cheese
  18. Trader Joes brand cheeses
  19. Whole Foods organic cheeses


  1. Oberweis or Tamaso Beef
  2. Coleman Beef
  3. Whole Foods butcher shop meats
  4. Wagu Beef
  5. Family Farms Cooperative
  6. New Zealand Lamb
  7. Phil’s Range Fed Poultry
  8. Case Farms Poultry
  9. Trader Joes Kosher chicken


  1. Phil’s Range Fed
  2. Organic Valley brown eggs
  3. Whole Foods eggs
  4. Gold Circle Farms eggs


  1. Chicken of the Sea Diet Tuna
  2. Trader Joe’s canned tuna
  3. Carvalho albacore tuna
  4. Anchor Foods Wild Salmon
  5. Ian’s Fish Sticks
  6. Whole Foods canned tuna


  1. Dynasty Sesame Oil
  2. Extra virgin olive oil
  3. Avocado oil
  4. Grapeseed oil
  5. Flaxsed oil and seeds


  1. Curley’s barbeque sauce
  2. Heinz organic ketchup
  3. Muir Glen catsup
  4. Garlic Plus Chunky Garlic Onion Sauce

Salad Dressing

  1. Brianna’s homemade dressings
  2. Bernstein’s
  3. Cook’s Classic Oil-Free Dressings
  4. Select Seasonings dressings
  5. Silver Palate dressings
  6. Naturally Fresh Dressing

Tomato Products

  1. Newman’s Own sauces
  2. Down to Earth tomato sauces
  3. Amy’s Kitchen pasta sauces
  4. Romance Napole Sauce
  5. Trader Joe’s tomato products
  6. Bertagni Basil Sauce


  1. rice wine
  2. Cuisine Perel late harvest riesling vinegar
  3. Sea Salt
  4. Simply Organic spices
  5. Kosher Salt


  1. Organic coffee
  2. Intelligentsia coffees
  3. Allegro coffees


  1. Republic of Tea
  2. Chinese green tea
  3. Herbal teas
  4. Yerba Mate Tea
  5. Kaffree Tea
  6. Chai Tea

Soda Substitutes, Juices And Sports Drinks

  1. Everfresh
  2. Duchy Originals Lemon Refresher
  3. Knudsen Papaya Nectar
  4. Pomi
  5. Twin Lab Hydra Fuel
  6. Knudsen Recharge
  7. Glaceau Smart Water
  8. Metagenics Endura

Where do I find natural foods?

You can find such products pretty easy at these natural food stores:

  • Whole Foods Market
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Wild Oats Market
  • Small Planet Foods
  • Family Farms Cooperative
  • Ener-G-Foods
  • Miss Roben’s Catalog

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