Vitamin water is a mineral water product of the Coca-Cola Company. There has been a widespread increase in healthy foodstuff consumption consciousness. Research from the Food and Drug Administration reveals that mineral water is among the top consumed beverages in the US. But is vitamin water healthy?

The article digs deep to find out the details of what the drink entails. We seek to find out the ingredients used in the production process, the brands, and products containing the beverage. There is a report on the dangers and the proven benefits of consuming the vitamin water to the consumer.

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General Information about Vitamin Water Drinks

The healthy drink contains essential nutrients like vitamin A, B, and C. The fortified vitamins aim to provide the users with nutrients to replenish and hydrate the body. Apart from the vitamins, some of the ingredients used in the production of the drink include sweeteners, flavors, syrups, and reverse osmosis water.

The beverage also comes in many varieties that one can choose from during the selection. The fruit flavors additives included in the product provides the product varieties to meet the varied preferences of all consumers. The flavors include strawberry-watermelon, tropical citrus, and kiwi-strawberry among many others.

Experts, however, discourage parents from giving their toddlers the drink due to the sensitivity of the children to food additives. The design of the juice is to ensure that consumers obtain essential minerals that are directly absorbed by the body. Most weight watchers prefer the vitamin water drink to other soft drinks. Nevertheless, is vitamin water healthy for them?

Vitamin Water Products

There are a wide variety of food products in the market that contains vitamin water as an ingredient. The ingredient provides the essential vitamin A, B, and C nutrients to assist in adding nutritive value to the drinks. Some of the favorite products, which make use of the constituent, are the energy drinks and bottled water.

Different brands are existing in the market utilize the ingredient in their production process. Some recipes use the element in making juices. The methods produce products including drinks such as the classic lemon/cucumber juice, the digestive fennel, / citrus vitamin water, and granite/ strawberry drinks among others. The different brands made from the ingredient include

  • The essential (orange-orange);
  • Beverage, energy (tropical fruits);
  • Revive (fruit punch);
  • Squeezed (lemonade);
  • Focus (kiwi-strawberry).

Dangers of Vitamin Water Constituents

When consuming the drink, the question we ask ourselves is, is vitamin water healthy? Despite the essential vitamins provided when ingesting vitamin water to the body, there are several dangers involved.

The High Sugar Levels

The drink encompasses the addition of food additives such as fructose, which act as sweeteners. Studies indicate that fructose additives contain content that is harmful to the body. Excess consumption of food with a high level of fructose poses a considerable risk to your health.

There is a very high likelihood of developing diseases from regular consumption of mineral water. One bottle of the beverage contains 32 grams of sugars which exceed the recommended limit by the health experts. In addition to people consuming the drink, they still consume other foods containing sugars.

Risk of Developing Diseases

The accumulation of sugars may cause serious illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and tooth decay among many other complications. The likelihood of individuals consuming the drink alongside other high calories foodstuffs is very high. The consumption of foods and beverages with high calories content possess the risk of weight gain.

Weight Gain

One may end up gaining more weight than actually losing some pounds. The situation is recurrent among weight watchers who consume the drink thinking that it has low calories levels. There is no guarantee that consuming the vitamin water will lessen your ability to eat other foods. Is vitamin water healthy for weight watchers?

Benefits of Vitamin Water

Source of Vitamins

The component provides a rich source of vitamins to the body. The drink is full of vitamin A, B, and C which is essential in human health. The beverage helps in quenching thirst and hydrating the body when consumed. Despite the nutritive value, is vitamin water healthy to the overall health?


Apart from the nutrient provision, the drink requires many improvements. There is need to reduce the high level of calories present to avert the potential risk of causing obesity in excess consumption. The choice of sweeteners to add to the beverage is paramount.

Fructose additives have high percentages of sugars that are harmful to the body. Studies indicate fructose additives in excess are detrimental to the human body. One bottle of the drink contains more than the recommended amounts of sugar, which are harmful.
The composition is disadvantageous especially for individuals who drink more than one bottle. So, is the vitamin water healthy for you or not? The company should use other alternative sweeteners to reduce the sugar levels.

Final Words

The drink is very beneficial especially to people who do dislike alternative sources of vitamins such as vegetables. The company should consider modifications and adjustment to make the drink more nutritious. What are your thoughts on the subject? Feel free to share your ideas with us.