Herbalife International is a multinational company that began developing and marketing nutritional supplements in 1980. In addition to these supplements, the company sells weight management shakes, sports nutrition drinks and snacks, energy and fitness products, and personal care products. The backbone of the Herbalife company is its weight management programs. But before starting any supplements or meal replacement programs, you should ask, Is Herbalife safe? In an attempt to answer this question, the following will explore the company’s programs and provide specific information on Herbalife nutritional shakes.

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The Herbalife System

Herbalife is the #1 brand in meal replacement and protein supplements combined. Though you can purchase products individually, the company and its distributors make it clear that you should purchase a package for maximum results. The first of these is the Quickstart program, which includes the formula 1 healthy nutrition shake, the formula 2 multi-vitamin, the formula 3 cell activator, and the herbal tea concentrate. This is advertised as your first step to healthy weight management and cellular nutrition. The cost is $95 for a one month supply and some distributors require you to become a member before you can place an order. If you use Herbalife as recommended, this cost is higher than similar products.

If you add the Total Control product to boost your metabolism, and the Cell-U-Loss supplement, you have the Advanced program. Finally, the Ultimate program includes all of the above plus Snack Defense. The specially prepared snack bars are used to reduce your sugar cravings and control your sweet tooth. If you purchase the Ultimate plan with all its components, you could see significant weight loss and more healthy blood sugar levels. The Advanced and Ultimate programs contain over 180 mgs of caffeine so you should also feel more energized. You need to balance these gains against the fact that these last two programs are more expensive than the Quickstart package.

Herbalife Shake Reviews

So is Herbalife safe? In order to answer this, you need to examine the ingredients in the formula 1 protein shake. Formula 1 is at the heart of each package and is Herbalife’s best-selling individual product. It is marketed as a weight loss and nutrition shake but performance of the shake is inconsistent as reported in customer reviews.

The main ingredient in this shake is soy protein isolate. Soy is high in protein and has some proven health benefits, like reducing the symptoms of menopause and decreasing the incidence of some cancers. However, it is also on the list of the top 10 worst GMO (genetically modified) foods.

GMO foods are treated to last longer and to resist herbicides, but foods subjected to this process have been linked to a number of diseases and allergens. There is some correlation between GMOs and female reproductive issues, decreased liver functions, and increased occurrences of Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

The formula 1 shake contains 9 grams of protein, which is less than most protein shakes on the market. It is advertised as an appetite suppressant but the combination of protein and fiber (only 3 grams) is not enough to keep you full between meals. It is also high in sugar and sodium, which make it less healthy than advertised. On the positive side, the shake contains the anti-oxidant vitamins C and E and has other vitamins and minerals, which enhance protein digestion.

Based on the popularity of this shake, it seems as if the public has responded positively to “is Herbalife safe”. The one problem that remains is the many reports of very little weight loss when using this product alone. Formula 1 comes in a variety of flavors so you have multiple options. Based on reviews, it seems like you need to experiment in order to find your favorite flavor. You can purchase Formula 1 for about $35 a month, which is a reasonable cost compared to some of the other best sellers.

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So, Is Herbalife Safe?

On the basis of the conflicting evidence, it is very difficult to definitively answer this question. There are those for whom the programs have worked exactly as advertised. Others have attributed minor allergic reactions and digestive distress to Herbalife’s products. There is no scientific evidence proving that Herbalife is harmful but there is also no evidence to back up the company’s weight loss claims.

Is Herbalife safe? This should be the question that you ask your healthcare professional before beginning the program. The key is to purchase only the combination of products that fit your needs, and to blend them into your healthy diet and fitness regimen. Good luck.

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