Rice is a popular staple food around the world. Over half of the global population relies on rice for their daily calorie and energy needs. Its consumption continues to increase globally, with the Chinese consuming the highest percentage.

More and more people are embracing healthy eating habits and choosing their food varieties carefully. With so many varieties of rice on the shelf to choose from, you may be wondering, is Basmati rice healthy? Read on because we will address that concern in this article.

Basmati rice with cilantro and peppers

What Is Basmati Rice?

It is a long grain type of rice, which grows in India and Pakistan. Its unique flavor and aroma set it apart from other rice types. The aroma and flavor of basmati rice come from 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline. This rice has ten times more of this chemical than other types of rice. Its grains are non-sticky, and they do not clog when cooked.

You can use either brown or white basmati rice. Brown basmati rice is healthier because the outer husk contains vitamins and fiber. If you prefer white rice, you can use the white variety with its rich aroma, taste and high nutritional value.

When buying basmati rice, you should get it from a trusted source. Some dishonest traders mix it with other rice varieties, and they fraudulently package it as pure basmati rice. Credible suppliers only sell it in its pure form. Some kits use DNA test to determine the purity of this rice. People use them at the point of purchase to make sure that the rice is pure.

Nutritional Value of Basmati Rice

This rice is rich in macro and micro-nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Below is a list of some of the nutrients.


The brown variety has higher fiber content than any white rice. This is because it is whole-meal and unprocessed. It is packaged, cooked and eaten with its bran layer.


It is rich in vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin E, vitamin K and riboflavin.


It contains less fat than any other variety. White basmati rice contains an even smaller amount of fat, as much of it dissipates during milling.


Although its protein content is low, it has valuable amino acids.


They form the fundamental content of basmati rice.

Is Basmati Rice Healthy?

For Diabetic People

Basmati rice has a low glycemic index compared to other types of rice. This means that it causes a minimal rise in blood sugar. The brown variety is especially beneficial in the management of diabetes due to its high roughage content.

For People on Weight Loss Programs

You can include Basmati rice in a weight loss diet. You can realize more benefits if you take boiled rice as opposed to fried rice. It has higher levels of amylase. Therefore, it takes longer to digest and get absorbed in the body. A person will still feel full long after taking the rice, which reduces the number of calories one takes. Taking brown basmati rice increases these benefits further.

For Daily Consumption

There are no known dangers of taking basmati rice every day, especially if you do not have any health problems. Daily intake will increase these benefits, particularly if you are consuming brown basmati rice. However, people with diabetes and hypertension should be cautious and avoid overeating rice.

What Are the Benefits of Basmati Rice?

This rice has a myriad of health benefits to your body. The fiber in the husk will prevent you from getting cancer. Your rectal muscles will relax and tighten with ease when relieving yourself after a meal of basmati rice. This will minimize the pressure exerted on your rectum and reduce your chances of getting hemorrhoids. In addition, it will prevent you from constipating.

Your cholesterol level will decrease since the fiber will bind it and eliminate it with your stool. This rice is also good in weight management because you stay full for longer after eating it. When your urge to eat often diminishes, your daily calorie intake decreases. You are less likely to become overweight or obese.

Summing Up

So what do we conclude? Is basmati rice healthy? As you can see, it offers more nutritional value than other types of rice. It has a sweet aroma, a rich flavor, and high nutritional value. The fiber in basmati rice makes it suitable for people with diabetes and those on weight loss diets. It is safe for daily consumption too. It is also helpful in the prevention of cancer, hemorrhoids, and constipation. It helps in the control of cholesterol levels in the body. Taking basmati rice keeps your body weight under control.

Would you choose basmati rice over other available varieties? Have you been using basmati rice? In your opinion, is the rice healthy? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with us.

Image source: depositphotos.com