Is bai5 healthy? What is in bai5? Is bai5 healthy for pregnant women? The two main ingredients in bai5 are stevia and erythritol, both sweeteners. As well as that, the main source of antioxidants in the drink is from the “coffee fruit”, which is the fruit that surrounds the interior coffee bean. This article will answer the question: “is bai5 healthy?” To do this, it will discuss general information about bai5, health concerns surrounding the ingredients of bai5 and any benefits the drink might have.

General Information about bai5

different sortiments of bai5

bai5 is a health drink that originally began in 2009 to fill a growing desire for healthy drinks in the American market. In 2016 the Dr. Pepper/Snapple company bought them out. As the product currently stands, the Dr. Pepper/Snapple company has not changed much in the form of marketing from the original 2009 version, as it is still sold as a health drink in all of its forms. The main purpose of this acquisition was to diversify Dr. Pepper/Snapple’s stocks. They have not changed the ingredients in any meaningful or health-impacting way differing from the original 2009 bai5 beverage.

Ingredients list

  • Coffee fruit – main source of bai5’s advertised antioxidants.
  • Stevia extract – zero-calorie, no sugar sweetening.
  • Erythrinol – alcohol based sugar replacement; zero-calorie, no sugar sweetening.
  • Sugar – one gram of added sugar.
  • Filtered water.
  • Juice concentrates depending on flavor.
  • 35mg caffeine.
  • Vegetable juice – color.

Dangers of bai5

1. Erythritrol can be hazardous when handled in its 100% form, causing skin irritation. Erythritrol is, however, not added to Bai products in this state. In the state it is added to health drinks, it can be consumed on a regular basis with no harmful interactions!

2. Antioxidants, in certain forms, can interact with certain chemicals in medicines and can cause a variety of severe interactions and reactions in the body. Be careful- and if you are on any prescription medication- ask to your doctor, ask your pharmacist, or simply search the Internet antioxidants’ effects and/or interactions with that medicine’s constituent chemicals before consuming anything with antioxidants, including bai5. This general principle also extends far beyond bai5, as drugs can have numerous interactions with substances, so stay informed.

3. Added sugar is never a positive, as it is not naturally from the coffee fruit. Added sugars in beverages are a leading cause of diabetes in the United States. However, one gram is nothing to be entirely afraid of if you contain your consumption.

4. Always ask your doctor before consuming anything with caffeine if you are pregnant or have a any caffeine sensitivity. The caffeine is likely negligent for pregnant women, but it is always safe to make sure it is right for you personally while pregnant.

Health Benefits of bai5

Bai 5 Sparkling Antioxidant Infusion

  • Antioxidants eliminate “free radicals”. Free radicals affect the body by altering our chemical interactions and cause various diseases and harm.
  • Five calories makes it a drink that is sustainable to use for hydration and antioxidants. If you enjoy the taste as well, it can be a very good drink to keep around for health reasons, as five calories is very low for any commercial beverage advertised with fruit on the packaging (compare to mainstream fruit juices).
  • While not directly a health benefit, it is worth pointing out that while many say stevia extract is harmful, this is not true. Whole stevia leaves may cause cancer, but stevia extract (which is what is in bai5) is considered safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The Bottom Line

So then, is bai5 healthy? Is bai5 healthy for pregnant women? In general, bai5 is most likely very healthy to consume. As long as you keep in mind the added sugar and interactions with certain drugs, it can be a wonderful source of hydration and antioxidants.

Remember to stay safe when consuming any and all prescription drugs, and research their interactions or better yet ask your doctor or pharmacist about any interactions that a given drug may have with other substances. For pregnant women, make sure that you ask your doctor about it before consuming it. If you have any friends or family who are pregnant or on prescription drugs while drinking bai5, direct them to this article to help them determine if bai5 is something they should be drinking. If you are a drinker of bai5, do you find it to be healthy in light of this information?

So, the general advice is that if you want bai5, go ahead and drink away, as it is likely healthy for most people.

Is bai5 what you thought it or is it somehow different than the impression that the advertisements gave you?