We are always looking for ways to improve our health and lead a healthier lifestyle. You’ve probably heard of alga supplements such as spirula, but there are even more beneficial supplements out there that fall into the same family. If you haven’t already heard of Chlorella, it’s a great way to improve your health and add tons of vitamins and minerals into your daily life.

This all natural, green alga supplement is amazing. Although its medicinal qualities are still being studied it is being introduced as an additional treatment for many common diseases. It’s become a hot topic of conversation, not only because of all its potential benefits, but because of all its proven benefits. It is very easy to add to your daily nutrition, as it comes in capsules, tablets and powders. You can add it to food you already eat or add it to the supplements you already take. The results of the studies already completed on this new “super food” speak for themselves. It’s one of the hottest supplements out right now. It offers a plethora of benefits and is definitely worth a try. Keep reading to learn even more.

What Is Chlorella?

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Chlorella is an alga that is packed with nutrients. It’s a single-celled freshwater algae. The essential nutrients it contains can also be used to not only defend against certain diseases but is actually used in combating the effects of certain diseases. It can be taken as a supplement that can be used to detox the body of toxins and improve the immune system. Chlorella also improves cholesterol levels. It’s available in tablets, powder, capsules and extract form. It has many incredible health benefits according to various studies.

It is one of over thirty different species of alga, but there are 2 types used in research. It has a hard cell wall that humans cannot digest straight out of the water so it has been converted into supplement form. This is why medicine and science are only recently discovering the marvelous benefits of this all natural algae. Even though it has become one of the most beneficial nutritional supplement available today, it’s surprisingly also used as biodiesel fuel. It’s one of nature’s greatest gifts that keeps on giving.

What Is It Used for?

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Chlorella has many purposes, and studies have shown that it has tons of benefits for health-related concerns. It’s also being called a “super food” by many, given all its health benefits. It is used as a supplement because of all its nutrients. It is also being used in the treatment of many ailments and studies are being conducted more frequently regarding all of its fantastic medicinal qualities.

It can be either be taken as a supplement or even added to foods you already eat. It has no taste and no dangerous side-effects. Many people have begun taking it and reaping its amazing health benefits. People are reporting amazing improvements in their physical health after taking this supplement, including some claims of increased endurance in a very recent study.

Why take synthetic supplements that could contain harmful additives rather than take this all natural, organic supplement that is already being called the new “super food” by many health experts including doctors and scientists? It’s always better to go for any organic supplement over a synthetic one, (as synthetic supplements can have a lot of harmful side effects and not really do what they claim). It’s being coined a “super food” because of how much it is able to do and what it’s possibly able to prevent. Studies being conducted are showing miraculous results that are not only wonderful for the health of the body but also for the health of the mind.

Benefits & Recommended Dosage

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The Top 5 Benefits of Chlorella (and additional claims)

Taken as a Supplement to Provide Nutrients

Chlorella contains the following:

    • Rich in Omega 3’s
    • Iron
    • High in Antioxidants
    • Fiber
    • High in Protein
  • Vitamin C, B12

Many of us take tons of vitamins and supplements already, to keep us healthy and provide our bodies with nutrients they may be missing from food. This supplement provides at least 6 separate supplements in one! So, not only will it nourish your body, it will save you money. Why buy lots of vitamins and supplements when on does so much? That’s a whole lot of health in one supplement.

Detoxing the Body

Tons of people are coming to realize how important detoxing the body is. Due to the increased amount of pollution and free radicals, detox is essential to maintaining health. Chlorella binds to heavy metals and other toxins in the body, thereby increasing the body’s natural ability to detox. It can help rid the body of dangerous heavy metals and pollutants.

Mix a bit of the powder into a smoothie, and you have an instant detox without the need to add a lot of other, (usually expensive) ingredients. Don’t waste time on a 5-day cleanse. Detox using this amazing alga.

Improves Cholesterol Levels

Because chlorella contains fiber, antioxidants, Niacin, and Carotenoids, it may help lower cholesterol levels in the body. Having lower cholesterol means having a healthier heart so that it can prevent heart disease. All of the nutrients mentioned have been scientifically proven to improve cholesterol levels, and chlorella has them all.

Because of its components, this alga will significantly reduce your risk of high cholesterol, (a problem for many people), and in turn, improve the overall health of your heart. Since the heart is a vital organ why not give it a much-needed boost?

Boosts Immune System

Speaking of “boosting,” nobody wants to get sick. Having the flu or other ailments can seriously impact our productivity and health. It’s important to make your immune system a priority and keep it running at 100%. Chlorella contains many antioxidants and other vitamins & minerals that naturally aid the functionality of the immune system.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Its anti-inflammatory properties can be helpful to many types of ailments including arthritis, asthma, COPD and other respiratory issues. Taking a supplement with anti-inflammatory properties will also naturally ease muscle pain and soreness after exercise or exertion. It can even be applied topically to reduce pain and swelling of muscles and joints.

Additional Benefits & Claims

In addition to the 5 previously mentioned amazing benefits of chlorella, the following benefits are also possible when taking this “super food” supplement:

    • Improves liver function (In a study, it improved the liver function of people already diagnosed with liver disease)
    • Has anti-aging properties and is beneficial to the feel and appearance of skin (It’s properties allow the life span of cells to increase and repair much more quickly)
    • May prevent stroke
    • Helps stabilize blood sugar levels
    • Can aid in combating diabetes (It has the ability to control insulin sensitivity and keep blood sugar regulated)
    • May accelerate the process of wounds’ healing
    • Possibly can improve brain function, thus preventing brain-related disease such as Alzheimers
    • May help ward off Parkinson’s disease
    • Aids those suffering from depression
    • Increases endurance and stamina Studies have proven this to be true in many athletes. Those taking chlorella versus those who weren’t, noticed a significant increase in both endurance and stamina)
    • Aids in combating stress
  • Promote eye health

While studies about Chlorella are still being conducted, some claims have not been fully proven and may only work for a certain percentage of the population. However, the top five benefits have been proven to work like magic. With all the possible benefits of this supplement, what do you really have to lose in giving it a try? It would appear that there is virtually nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Recommended Dosage

Most supplements say to take 2-3 grams per day to achieve all possible benefits. However, this is highly debated. Some studies indicate that taking up to 5 grams per day will significantly increase the benefits to the body. To be completely safe, start off with 2-3 grams, and you can gradually increase your dosage until you find that you’re gaining all the amazing benefits.

Final Thoughts

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The amazing benefits of taking chlorella as a supplement are still being discovered. So far, it’s clear that it’s a very beneficial supplement that may even help ward off common diseases. Even if Chlorella only offers the top 5 health benefits mentioned above, it’s certainly worth a try. Nature is often where the best and most helpful remedies are found.

Whether you’re looking to prevent certain diseases, that perhaps, run in your family, or just take a supplement that is virtually like taking six or more different supplements, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Since it is derived from nature, without any additives, you don’t have to worry about any synthetic ingredient that may be harmful. It is a great, organic addition to your everyday health routine. And, it’s very simple to add to your daily life, making it that much more of a great idea for health improvement.

Finding an all natural supplement rather than an over-processed version is always preferable. Chlorella is an all natural alga that can be taken in multiple ways, making it an excellent option for anyone looking to give their health a boost. It has loads of benefits from just a single supplement. Anyone looking to boost their immune system, improve overall heart health, detox their body of harmful toxins and provide your body with tons of nutrients, (including many vitamins and minerals), there is no better option than chlorella.