The Egyptians called it the plant of immortality, the Native Americans named it as the wand of heaven, and today, we know it by its common name – aloe vera. People are eagerly embracing the idea of having their own aloe vera plant, and it has fast become a favorite with domestic plant lovers. And for good reason too, because aloe vera comes with a variety of health benefits that range from great skin to good gut health.

The gel from the aloe vera plant can be applied on the skin to soothe burns, cuts, and scrapes. When applied on the hair, the aloe gel acts as a conditioner and leaves your hair smoother and more fortified. But it’s not only topical application that the aloe plant is good for; you can even consume aloe vera juice, because it has several benefits when taken internally, as we’ll see below.

Aloe Vera Juice Is a Great Source Of Hydration

drinking aloe vera juice

It’s no secret that the aloe vera plant is a succulent plant mostly made of water. Since it is such a water-dense plant, the juice of aloe vera has a lot of water content. Drinking this juice helps to hydrate the body and also plays an important role in preventing or treating dehydration. Hydration is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle, primarily because of the benefits it has on the human body.

Staying hydrated allows your body to naturally detox by flushing out the body’s impurities through its regular biological processes. Hydration also helps your kidneys and liver healthy. These organs are the parts of the body that are mainly responsible for purifying the blood and disposing the wastes in the form of urine. Hence, adequate hydration is important. Aloe vera juice can help take care of this requirement.

Hydration also plays an important role in assisting your body as it recovers after a heavy workout. Typically, intense exercise can cause a buildup of lactic acid in the body. An intake of additional fluids is necessary for the body to flush out the excess lactic acid and get rid of toxic buildup. So, drinking aloe vera juice after a heavy workout is a great way to aid your body’s recovery.

Aloe vera not only hydrates the body’s internal organs, but also plays a major role in skin hydration. Also, the juice is packed with a wide range of nutrients necessary for the body to function at optimal levels.

Aloe Juice Gives You Clearer Skin

aloe vera juice for skin care

If you’ve been suffering from skin issues like acne or dryness that just won’t go away despite trying the best creams and gels, maybe it’s time to go natural. Aloe vera juice could be just what you need to give your skin a new lease of life. Not is aloe vera gel a great way to moisturize your skin externally, but aloe vera juice, which is made from the plant, can treat your skin from the inside.

Aloe vera juice has two essential characteristics that make it so good for the skin. Firstly, the juice has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps it clear up any minor skin inflammations that lead to clogged pores or acne. Secondly, aloe vera juice is a rich source of antioxidants, which can help rejuvenate the skin and provide protection against the damaging effects of free radicals on the cells of your skin.

Aloe vera juice is also a naturally hydrating agent, which can help manage acne and prevent its recurrence. Aloe juice can also provide relief from skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis. Compounds in aloe vera juice have also been shown to neutralize the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. Thus, it helps repair UV damage and prevents the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles.

You need to remember that every kind of natural juice loses its potency if it’s over-sweetened, stuffed with artificial ingredients, or altered to contain high amounts of calories. Aloe juice is no different.

Aloe Vera Juice Acts as A Natural Nutrition Boost

nutrition boost

In this day and age, when the facts and figures for the adequate average nutritional requirement of an adult keep growing larger, it’s becoming increasingly harder to source all our nutritional requirements correctly. This is why aloe vera juice is a blessing in disguise. It comes packed with a wide variety of the vitamins and minerals you need to remain healthy.

In fact, one serving of the juice per day can handle a significant portion of your nutritional requirements. To begin with, aloe vera is rich in a variety of essential vitamins like vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3 (niacin), B6, folic acid, and choline. It also includes small amounts of minerals like calcium, copper, chromium, sodium, selenium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and zinc.

Additionally, aloe vera is also one of the few plant sources of vitamin B-12, which helps make DNA  and also plays a major role in keeping the body's nerve and blood cells healthy. Vitamin B-12 also helps prevent a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia, which typically makes people tired and weak. This is great news for vegans and vegetarians who do not have many sources of this vital vitamin to choose from.

The combination of necessary nutrients in aloe vera makes it a valuable addition to your diet. Drinking aloe vera juice regularly ensures that you get a majority of your required dose of essential nutrients from a single source.

Aloe Vera Juice Helps Maintain the Body’s Alkalinity


There’s a fine balance between the acidic and alkaline elements in the human body. In fact, in an ideal, healthy body, the levels of both these elements are equal, neutralizing one another and keeping the body at an ideal pH of 7. However, lifestyle choices often tip the scale one way or another. And if it’s going to tip anyway, it’s better for the body to be more alkaline than acidic.

Increased levels of acidity in the body raises the risk of problems like inflammation, joint pain, headaches, ulcers, weight gain, allergies, fatigue, colds, and asthma in the short run, and can even lead to severe illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and heart disease in the long run.

Aloe vera juice can help prevent the body from becoming too acidic because it is alkaline in nature. Drinking and eating alkaline foods helps balance out the body’s pH levels. So, aloe vera juice can reduce acidity levels in the body and restore the required level of alkalinity again, making your body a safe, healthy environment. Having the correct acid-alkaline balance also boosts the body’s natural immunity.

Research suggests that the ideal balance between acid and alkaline levels in the body should be 20-80, that is, 20 percent acidic and 80 percent alkaline. This balance helps keep most diseases at bay and improves the chances of leading a long and healthy life.

Aloe Vera Juice Is a Great Remedy for Constipation


Drinking aloe juice helps rehydrate the body as we’ve already seen. Aloe juice also helps to increase the water content in the intestines. According to research studies, there is a direct relationship between the intestinal water content and the level of stimulation of peristalsis, which is what helps you pass your stools smoothly. Insufficient levels of intestinal water content can lead to constipation.

Aloe vera juice can prevent that from happening because it helps the intestines stay hydrated. So, if you have a severe case of constipation, or if you frequently suffer from a case of hard stools that are difficult to pass, you could try to add aloe vera juice to your diet at regular intervals. It can help relieve the problem of constipation and hard stools, making your bowel movements regular again.

Also, aloe vera juice improves the levels of healthy gut bacteria, making the digestion process smoother and more effective. When the levels of intestinal bacteria is balanced, your gut remains healthy and your chance of suffering from several gut-related illnesses reduces. However, bear in mind that aloe vera juice must be taken in moderation. If you take too much of it to procure faster results, it could result in diarrhea, which is an inconvenience in its own way.

Aloe vera is a powerful laxative anyway, so a small dose of aloe vera juice itself can help relieve constipation. Remember not to take too much of it if you’re suffering from constipation.

Available Aloe Vera Juice For You


Aloe juice, also known as aloe water, can be purchased online or even made at home if you have your own plant. One of the many wonderful things about aloe vera juice is that unlike most juices, it contains no sugar and very few calories. This fact makes it a great choice for people who are watching their sugar intake or keeping track of the calories they consume. Aloe juice is also ideal for people who are keen on losing a few pounds. Overall, when consumed in moderation, aloe vera juice is a healthy addition to make to your everyday diet.